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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you might be asking yourself.

Day 1 - Point to point format.

Day 2 - Out and back format.



Q: What sort of bike can I use at RGM?

Just about anything. The gravel roads are very good. The condition may change if we get a lot of rain leading up to the event.

Some suggestions are:

  1. Gravel Bike

  2. Road Bike

  3. Mountain Bike

  4. e-Bike

  5. Recumbent Bike

  6. Adventure/Touring Bike

  7. Fixie Bike/Single Speed

  8. Tandem Bike

  9. Fat Bike

  10. Let’s not rule out the Uni Cycle.


Some of the bikes may require you to walk sections if you don't have the correct gearing. Hills give you time to walk and put some fluids in and then you are ready for the awesome down hills.

Longer distances will have the hill challenges, so bring a bike that has good gears.

Shorter distances you can ride any of the bikes mentioned. You will not be the only one pushing your bike up the big hills, so have a chat/banter with your fellow riders and make some new friends.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to ride an e-bike in RGM, your bike must meet the definition of an e-bike under NSW Road Rules.

Electric (eMTB) mountain bikes are not eligible for outright places or age category prizes.

Q: Do I need to carry mandatory gear with me on course?


Riders must carry all their own gear from the start to the finish.

It is not only for your safety, but also if you come across another rider injured, you know where your gear is to help.


We only have your best safety interests at heart. We want everyone to have a fantastic ride, but we also want you safe. Riders will have to carry mandatory gear. 

It is essentials you carry your own mandatory gear each day:

  • Crepe Bandage (Minimum Dimensions 7.5cm Wide x 2.3m Long Unstretched)

  • Wound dressing/band aids

  • Triangular bandage

  • Mobile

  • Australian approved cycling helmet

  • Pump or CO2 canisters

  • Spare inner tube/s (or puncture repair kit)

  • Capacity to carry 2 Litres of water (110km) or 1 Litre of water (60, 40, 34km).


Recommended Gear (Depending on Conditions)

  • Beanie or Buff.

  • Lightweight riding gloves

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen. Please be sun smart - you will be very exposed, even on cloudy days, you can get sunburned.


General Questions

Q: Are dogs allowed in the camping areas?

Dogs under supervision are welcome - notification is required when booking, including the breed of dog and conditions, do apply (this is a request from Long Flat Pub). Please inform the staff when booking.

It is solely your responsibility to clean up after your dog. Please also be respectful of all riders, support crew, children and other guests, public that may be on course and/or at the pubs. There are people who do not like dogs. Please do not bring your dog if it's not dog friendly or if it barks a lot. We want everyone to have a great experience, so please keep that in mind when making that decision to bring them or not.

Q: Is there a bag drop area available at the start?

Yes to drop off a personal bag for post event. Please note you leave it at your own risk. All bags must be clearly labelled and be fully enclosed with you bib number and name clearly on the bag (eg. zip up coles / woolworth bag).

They will then be transported to the race hub finish area at Long Flat Pub. Again you leave them at your own risk.

Q: Can I have a drop bag delivered to the aid station on course?

There is no drop bags service available for on course. You will need to carry all your food/hydration with you on course and leave any other personal items in your vehicle. Also see question above.

Q: Are there toilet facilities at the event?

There are portal toilets at the pub. 


Q: Is there food available to purchase at the event?

There are food/beverage options available.


Check-in is at Beechwood Hotel Friday night. They have a Bistro and bar available.


After Party/Race Hub is at Long Flat Pub Saturday. If you are racing Saturday, you will receive a meal voucher to receive a meal Saturday night at Long Flat Pub

(only valid for use on Saturday night). See Event Schedule for dinner times and music. Crew can also purchase from the Bistro.


The Long Flat Pub also serves meals at lunch time. Again see the Camping/Afterparty page for more details.

If you get to Long Flat early or are a support crew dropping off your riders Saturday morning, there are local cafe's and local stores you can buy coffee/tea/drinks and food from. 

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my distance to another distance?


Downgrade: Sometimes life gets in the way and you have not done the training. You can downgrade on-line by a certain date, after this date you can do it in person at Check-in. 


Upgrade: If your training is going really well and you want to upgrade to the longer distance, again you can do that online before a certain date. After that date you will need to do it at Check-in.


For details on how to upgrade or downgrade your registration:

Please refer to Refunds / Transfers / Cancellations / Upgrade / Downgrade page on website.

Q: Can I get a refund if I withdraw from the race?

Please see the Refunds / Transfers / Cancellations / Upgrade / Downgrade section for further information.


Q: Can I transfer my race entry to another person?


You can before a certain date on-line only. Please refer to the Refund / Transfers / Cancellations / Upgrade / Downgrade page on the website.

Q: Can I drive up on the morning of the race?



Beechwood Hotel is 36 mins up in the mountains from Port Macquarie. 9 minutes from Wauchope and 4 1/2 hours at least from Sydney depending on traffic. Checking opens both day from 5.30am.


You will need to factor in and allow additional time, if there maybe traffic issues to be able to get to check-in in time race morning. Make it easy for yourself and book accommodation at Long Flat Pub if you like camping/caravanning or in Wauchope if you like to motel. Enjoy what the area has to offer and enjoy the afterparty and 2 days of gravel fun in the Hinterlands.

Q: Is a support crew needed for the event?


You do not need a support crew for RGM, you have to be self-sufficient on course. It is a very good idea to have support crew, family and friends at the end of the day to wind it away at the afterparty. Pub, food, music, camping. What more would you want?

Q: Will my race bib be mailed out?


Q: How do I enter RGM?

Click on either the Enter Now buttons on the website or go to the Entry page and click the button 


Q: Do I need to be fit and skilled on the bike?

Short distances, general fitness is all you need and know who to stay upright on your bike.

Long distance, YES you will need good bike fitness. Those distances will see many mountains/hills to tackle. You will need to be fit and strength in your legs and good endurance. So we do suggest to train for the distance you’re going to take on.

Q: Can I ride the course before the event as part of my training?


Whole course is on either public roads or State Forest Roads.



Q: Will my race distance have a cut off time?


Both days have a set cut off time. We don’t want you out there either in the dark or out for longer periods than are needed.

We ask all 110km riders to carefully consider how long it will take them to complete the distance. If  this is your first 110km distance ride, then please make sure you have trained for the distance in your legs. Riding a 60km or even an 80km ride is very different then riding a 110km ride with some big hill climbs across the course. You can downgrade at check-in, if you feel you have not done the training by race day.

Q:Is there a aid station on course?

There is a aid station on course manned by volunteers. Aid station will have the following:

  • First Aid Kit

  • Water

  • Some nutrition

  • Fruit

  • Lollies

  • Chips

NOTE: NO cups on course.

Q: What time does the race start?

Please see the racers briefing guide for further information. Will be out 2 weeks before the event. Event Schedule will also have times on website.


Q: What markers are we following on course?

The course will be clearly marked with red and white arrows. Red and white crosses will be a no go road/area. Volunteers will also be positioned at critical turns along the course for extra guidance when needed.

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