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RGM is coming to the Hastings Hinterlands. Get ready to 'Get Your Gravel On'. This event will be only the first of gravel bike racing coming your way. 

  1. RGM is 36 mins from Port Macquarie, 9 mins from Wauchope and 4 1/2 hrs from Sydney.

  2. The courses are located in the beautiful Hastings Hinterlands.

  3. Races will take place in Bellangry State Forest and through the sleepy rural side villages of the upper Hinterlands, with views to Bril Bril, Cairncross, Frazers Creek, Pappinbarra, Rollands Plains and Upper Pappinbarra, right out to the ocean at Port Macquarie. You will travel along State Forest and Council gravel and tar roads across the courses.

  4. RGM Course is various distances: 110km, 60km, 40km, 34km

  5. Elevation Gain between 2679m down to 766m

Key Things to Remember:

  • 4 Timed Event Races 


Saturday 110km

2679m Elevation

7am start

Pipe Clay Hill Climb


Saturday 34km

766m Elevation

8am start

Pipe Clay Hill Climb


Sunday 60km

1648m Elevation

7am start

Toms Creek Hill Climb

Sunday 40km


NO Toms Creek Hill Climb

  •   Safety 

  1. Race Directors phone number : 0413 967 694 Mathew Williams

  2. Safety Officers phone number: 0434 048 688 Kerry Williams 

  3. The Race Directors phone number will be printed on the front of the bib if you get into trouble or need help. 

  4. Your medical information will be printed on the back to help first aid if your need assistance in any way. Please fill this out when you register. 

  5. If you come across another rider injured, please stop and call the Race Directors number on your bib for assistance. You time will be adjusted later.

  • Important Information

Both days the roads are open to general public and vehicles. These courses are NOT closed.

You must obey NSW Road Traffic Rules at all times.

There are only a couple of spots that you will make a right hand turn across oncoming traffic. At these locations there will be a volunteer in a Hi-Vis Vest stopping you only from turning, if there is oncoming traffic. You must obey their instructions and stop. Once the traffic has gone past, you can then safely turn to the right. Anyone found not obeying the road rules will have to deal with the Race Director.



34km and 40km Course is open to all ages with only two age categories available:

  1. Junior [14-17yrs] – Only available in the 34km and 40km course. 

  2. Adult [18 and over]

  3. All Electric (eMTB) mountain bike competitors are not eligible for age category place.

The 110km and 60km Course is open to all ages with the following age / Bike Categories available:

  1. Open (18-29yrs) – 110km / 60km courses

  2. Senior (30-39yrs) – 110km / 60km courses

  3. Veteran (40-49yrs) – 110km / 60km courses

  4. Masters (50-59yrs) – 110km / 60km courses

  5. Grand Masters (60+) – 110km / 60km courses

  6. All Electric (eMTB) mountain bike competitors are not eligible for age category place.


  1. Age categories are determined by your age as it stands on race day.

  2. Riders under the age of 18 years can enter the 34km or 40km event. If you want to enter 110km / 60km, this is up to the discretion of the race director. Please email requesting permission to enter and state your experience / capability to ride the race distance.

  3. There must be at least 3 people in the category for place to be rewarded (1st Place only) to be awarded. This includes both age categories.

  4. If you intend to ride an e-bike in Road Gravel Mountain, your bike must meet the definition of an e-bike permitted under the NSW Road Rules. If riding an e-bike, please make sure when you register, that you answer the question about e-bikes please. Note e-bikes are NOT able to win a place in your age category.

Course Markings

Markers will be white with red arrows. Competitors must follow the signs along the course. The white with red crosses are NO GO AREA (closed part of the course).

The event will be covered by marshals/volunteers who can be identified by yellow high visibility safety wear.

There are cut off/course closed times for riders:

5pm Saturday – Kindee Bridge course closed

1pm Sunday – Toms Creek Road course closed




There will be electronic timing system used. This will have all the race competitors list for all races uploaded. The timing crew will be in control of starting the race, ensuring the accurate recording and communication of results as appropriate to the event. The timing crew will deal with any enquiries/protests. They will identify the winners of each race and they will cover any other timing requirements required by race director.

Tracking your


LIFE360  [app]


Simple solution to track where your rider/s are on course. Everyone download the LIFE360 app.

You can create a family and everyone joins that family. At this point you will be able to see where everyone is. This will save you asking the RD where your rider is. This is a FREE app to use

LIFE360 app.png






SUNDAY  22 SEPT, 2024


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