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21 September 2024


DAY 1 [21st September 2024] - Beechwood Hotel (Pub) to Kindee Suspension Bridge 

  • 110km (Long Way)  - [including Pipeclay Hill Challenge] 

  • 34km (Short Way) - [including Pipeclay Hill Challenge]


Day 1 will see everyone take on the Pipe Clay Hill Climb Challenge.

Starting at 56m and climbing to 242m in 3.1km (186m gain in elevation). King and Queen of Pipe Clay Hill Climb crowned (fastest time climbed)

SATURDAY - Morning

Start at the Beechwood Hotel

  • 110km (long way to Kindee Bridge)

  • 34km (the short way to Kindee Bridge)

  • These distances will see the course wind through rolling hills/mountains and along creeks and rivers, along the tar and gravel rural farm lands.

















SATURDAY - Afternoon

Saturday afternoon, the after party will take place at Long Flat Pub, just a short ride down the road from the finish at Kindee Suspension Bridge (which is the oldest suspension bridge in Australia opened in 1936. The bridge crosses the Hastings River upstream of its junction with Kindee Creek, few kilometres from Long Flat). 

There will be camping, shared accommodation available, meals and entertainment and a bar to winding the day away from the days racing. I few cold ones with lots of banter from other riders about the challenge of the day.

Mini Bus to Beechwood Hotel (to pick up your car):

There will be a mini bus that will return to Beechwood Hotel, so you can collect your cars. 


Afterparty  Day 1 - Long Flat Pub [food, camping/shared accommodation available, entertainment]



21 September 2024
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22 September 2024

DAY 2 [22nd September 2024] - Toms Creek Road (return)

  • 60km - [including Toms Creek Road Hill Challenge]

  • 40km - [NO Hill Challenge]

Day 2 will see the 60km riders take on Toms Creek Road Hill Climb Challenge.

Starting at 179m and climbing to 656m in 6.56km (477m gain in elevation at 7.2% grade). King and Queen of Toms Creek Road Hill Climb crowned (fastest time climbed).

SUNDAY - Morning

Sunday racing will start a short ride down the road from Long Flat Pub to Tom Creek Road.

Two distances on offer on Day 2

  • 60km (including the Toms Creek Road Hill Climb Challenge)

  • 40km, will see riders turn at the bottom of the climb.


Both courses:

Riders travel along gravel roads and through the rural countryside, with picturesque views of rolling hills and valleys, creek, and get up close to farm livestock along the side of the roads. The course cross’s diverse landscape. RGM course is not like other road races.


There will be lots of surprises along the way. We have two point to point races and two loop style races on offer in 2024. Going forward in future years, the event/course will be added to and slightly changed to grow with the event in the coming years, so stay tune for more to come.



  1. Entry into the event

  2. Fully marked course 

  3. Race plate/bib

  4. Check points stations with water, fruit, lollies, electrolytes and other yummy goods

  5. First Aid and medical support on course

  6. Professional Electronic Timing


Wet Weather Cancellation

In the case of bad weather, we will notify you as early as possible in the event there is a likelihood that the race director determines that the event is unsafe to proceed. We will announce it on the event website and Facebook. We will only email (only if a week out) all registered participants, once a decision has been made. Updates will also be posted on our Facebook page.


Standard  Entry

10th April-19th September


110km $135

34km  $ 55


Day 2

60km   $ 85

40km   $ 60


Late Entry

20-22nd September


110km $149

34km  $60



60km  $94

40km  $66



22 September 2024
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